Working of Shocks for Towing Vehicles: explained

All vehicles nowadays have shock absorbers. It is one of the essential parts of a car due to the simple fact that it provides comfort to the riders and also helps in many other aspects. More often than not, vehicle shock absorber in towing vehicles is designed, keeping many vital functions in mind.

Many people working on shocks for towing vehicles business and some use their SUVs to tow their traveling cart. It doesn’t matter which category you belong to because knowing the mechanism of shocks for towing vehicle will be helpful. Let’s see the various working of shock absorbers in towing vehicles:

  • Helps in having a smooth journey: Towing vehicles have the need to have a very smooth ride because of the car behind it. It is the most primary reason for having a shock absorber. Shocking absorbers help in damping the movement of a vehicle.
  • Heat dissipation: Generally, towing vehicles have to travel long distances and generate a lot of heat. For this reason, many shocks absorbing systems are designed more extensively than they are needed to. And this helps in absorbing the heat of the vehicles and helps in dissipation.
  • Adequate ground clearance: Having excellent ground clearance is very necessary for all towing vehicles. Having a perfect shock-absorbing mechanism can help build sufficient ground clearance and ensure traveling in all types of terrains and roads.

How to properly tow a vehicle?

Towing a vehicle seems easy, but it has several steps that need to be kept in mind. These steps ensure that both the towing and towed vehicle remain in proper shape even after long journeys.

  1. Measuring tongue weight is the first thing one needs to do when towing a vehicle. The tongue weight must be between 10-15 5 of the towing vehicle’s weight. This can be done using a particular scale used to measure tongue weight or by using a fulcrum and a lever.
  2. Once you have found out the tongue weight, it is time to load the trailer and the vehicle. And remember, the vehicle should not cross the measure tongue weight.
  3. When you tow a vehicle, the towing vehicle’s axle and the towed vehicle should be leveled. Leveling can be done by measuring the height of the axles on flat ground. This also helps in even weight distribution.
  4. Distributing the towed vehicles’ weight helps in releasing pressure only on one part of the towing vehicle. Distribution of weight also improves the longevity of the car.

If you have a towing vehicle that tows cars as a job or use your SUV to tow your RV or module for travel, knowing the basic working of a shock absorber will help you choose appropriate parts for your vehicle needs. You also need good shocks and that you can find here at  Also, follow the mentioned steps on how to tow a vehicle will ensure that both your and the towed vehicle stay put. It will also help you in increasing the longevity and quality of service to your customers.

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