Will you be amazed to know that Google uses Digital marketing to purchase you? Do you know, even Facebook does the same? In that sense, are we users just their assets to earn money, while we use their services?  Why would they do that, provided they are the tech-giants and run hundreds of products? Don’t they make enough from selling your data?

The thing everyone unaware of is the fact that these tech-giants are using their users to make money. But how do Google and Facebook use you? The answer is Online marketing in other words שיווק באינטרנט.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is used for advertising products or businesses shown using electronic media. Social media, browsers, search-engines, webpages, and various apps are used to show you ads based on what you do online. Have you ever wondered why do you see ads based on the particular products you searched about, the other day, on Google? How did Facebook or Amazon come to know about your queries the very next day?

These tech-giants are eye-gazers. They already know your activities online and their only reason for tracking you is to know your personal choices so that they can show you targeted ads.

Google has several mailing-services, video-conferencing and sharing, and messaging services to show ads. When you are enticed by these ads, you run to know more about them and buy from cyber shopping sites.

Facebook is on par. They show ads on your feed every time you open their app or site. There’s another tech-giant called Quora, which does the same. When you click on their ads, they are paid because of the clicks.

How much do they generate through these Digital marketing tactics?

Every time a user uses Google’s services, Google is paid $7-$9 per advertisement they show on your screen. Around 7B people on earth are currently using their services. They can see their ads on their screen, ignoring the minuscule numbers of ad-blocker users.

Google is being paid $50-$60 Billion, day, by different advertising companies, only from Digital marketing. There are other services, and some are not free!

Facebook has its own terms. Facebook is paid $26-$29 per US native and Canadian users by the advertisement company. From the users of other parts of the world, where Facebook is not banned, it earns around $10 per user.

More than 1.5B users use their services daily. Let’s assume that the number is 1.77B. Then Facebook earns $46-$51B alone from its North-Americans. The rest of the world makes Facebook earn $1.7B every single day!

Most of the games available on Android and Apple markets use a Facebook ID to run their services and store your data. Therefore, these games show ads on Facebook feeds to entice you. It’s a form of Digital marketing where both the game companies and Facebook earn from.

Though the calculation was ridiculous, tech-giants regularly earn tremendously high. These numbers are not vague, but assumptions taken from how many users use their services, and how much they get paid due to Digital marketing.

However, now you know that you are involved in whatever ways these tech-giants earn. If you decide to back-out, it will be you who has to live in the stone age.

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